CAA Sea of Data Conference, Gdańsk 2016 – Call for papers

We are pleased to announce that the call for papers for CAA Sea of Data conference in Gdańsk (1-3 June 2016) is now open. The conference is organized by CAA Chapter Poland, together with the University of Gdańsk, Gdańsk University of Technology and The Gdańsk History Museum. The main aim of this meeting is to give a possibility to exchange ideas and present current researches in the field of application of modern technologies into archaeology, history and art history.

Having in mind that the conference will take place in Gdańsk, with its long and fruitful history closely connected with the Baltic Sea, special attention will be given to the issues related to the widely understood maritime subject matter. On the other hand other views are also welcome.

The conference language will be Polish, however the session entitled “Mapping archaeological sites in Baltic Area – achievements and difficulties” together with the workshops “Measuring and Displaying 3D models of Objects” will be conducted in English. Below you can find their descriptions.


Session: Mapping archaeological sites in Baltic Area – achievements and difficulties. (language: ENG)

Key to successful excavation of an archaeological site is accurate mapping. The archaeological crew arrives on-site and then must record location, topography, and surface artifact distributions. There are no precise formulas for proper mapping since unique site situations require creative solutions. Technological advances have led to a situation in which archaeologists have a growing number of tools to create documentation of archaeological sites. Are they, however, effectively used by archaeologists? The aim of the session is to present the experience on the technological possibilities of mapping archaeological sites in different countries in the Baltic region.


Workshops: Measuring and Displaying 3D models of Objects (held by: dr Rachel Opitz, Research Associate, CAST, University of Arkansas) (language: ENG, 4-5 hours, max 20 participants)

The main aim of this workshop is to introduce tools used for the creation of interactive Web presentations of 3D models of objects. The lectures and exercises focus on cultural heritage applications. The workshop relies on open source or free software packages, enabling students and professionals who complete it to continue to work with the tools in their future projects.


Conference venue:

The Main Town Hall (historic centre of Gdansk), 46/47 Długa Street.


Important details:

We invite proposals for 20- or 10-minute papers. Please send an abstract of no more than 1200 characters (space included) together with your affiliation and address to  by 31 March 2016. Abstracts for the English session must be written in English. The conference fee will be 32 Euro and 16 Euro for students. There will be also additional fee (5 Euro) for those who would like to participate in the workshops.

In case of great interests the organizers reserve the right to select or shorten the time of papers. Further information will be given due to time. Please also check our website:


If you have any questions or requests do not hesitate to contact us:

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