Faculty of Archaeology
University of Warsaw
together with
Systems Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN)
Polish Chapter of
Computer Applications & Quantitative Methods In Archaeology (CAApl),
WIT Warsaw school of Information Technology under the auspices of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN)
Forum GIS UW

are pleased to invite you to this year’s edition of the conference:

CAA – Forum GIS UW 2022

Interdisciplinarity – Standards – Network

20-22 June 2022 Warsaw

We are very pleased to announce that this year’s conference of the CAA Poland association will be organized jointly with the GIS Forum UW. The conference, complemented by workshops, will be held in Warsaw on 20-22 June 2022. The conference aims to bring together scientists and technicians in many fields such as archaeology, geography, biology, and geology. We want the participation of such a wide range of specialists at the CAA – Forum GIS UW 2022 conference to strengthen the interdisciplinary scientific research in archaeology, as well as the conference itself to be a contribution to greater integration in science.

The main theme of the CAA conference – GIS Forum UW 2022 will be STANDARDS. These will not only be standards for digital data, or their creation, but also standards in teaching, or interdisciplinary cooperation between different disciplines.

Organising Committee:

Nazarij Buławka, PhD
Rafał Bieńkowski, MA
Julia Chyla, MA
Agnieszka Kaliszewska, MA

Contact the organizers:;


Jan Ciemniewski, Dagmara Dąbrowska, Jerko Luka Gašpar, Julian Parsons, Martyna Rybitwa


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